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The tough outer layer on your teeth is the tooth enamel, which naturally fortifies your smile against tooth decay. However, it is not always enough to effectively stop the development of cavities. Our dentist can help you determine if your child has vulnerable back teeth that would benefit from receiving dental sealants.

The molars and premolars naturally have biting surfaces full of deep grooves that aid in their ability to chew up food. However, sometimes the grooves are too deep and can’t be cleaned properly with a toothbrush. In this case, they often accumulate food and bacteria particles that become plaque and cause cavities to develop on the teeth. Children can be at a higher risk of cavities since their developing oral hygiene habits and sugary snacks can result in a lot of bacteria.

Drs. Forrest and Kevin Packard can provide dental sealants to protect your child’s teeth. These are thin, tooth-colored shells that coat the chewing surfaces so that they can’t be affected by bacteria. During the process of placing a dental sealant, we will clean the teeth and roughen the chewing surfaces with an acidic substance to enhance the grip of the sealant. Then, we paint on the dental sealants so that they fill the whole surface of the tooth.

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