At Creekside Dental Ellensburg, we pride ourselves in utilizing advanced dental technology. With the right tools, we are able to prevent further dental work and costs for our patients. Two of our most commonly used tools include the Spectra and CariVu™ caries detection technology. “Caries” is the term describing cavities, small portions of the tooth affected by decay. These can be difficult for patients to notice, without the help of our dentist. You may notice cavities in your teeth only once they have become large enough to feel, but by then, your tooth decay may require a large filling or other dental treatment. Caries detection technology can help catch signs of cavities early.

At our practice, we care about providing our patients with the most convenient and effective dental care possible. This includes using advanced technology to locate, diagnose, and treat oral problems early on. Because not all cavities can be seen with the naked eye, our dentists use the Cam X Spectra and CariVu® caries detection devices during your visits. With these tools, we can locate even the smallest of cavities and provide instant treatment that will prevent your cavity from getting bigger and causing more issues.

We will further explain the uses and benefits of these two progressive technologies:

  • CamX Spectra Caries Detection Aid: This non-invasive caries detection aid uses fluorescence technology to envision and locate caries, plaque, and calculus earlier than traditional methods. This tech also helps eliminate the guesswork in detecting and diagnosing tooth decay. We utilize this tool to detect decay hidden between existing composite and amalgam restorations.
  • DEXIS® CariVu Caries Detection Device: This unique device works as a digital X-ray sensor, exposing a tooth’s structure and the actual structure of any caries within at a very high accuracy. The results of this detection can be seen similarly to that of an X-ray, as the caries appear as a darker color. We use this to better inform our patients on the depth of their oral health.

To prevent any restorative treatments, make an appointment with Drs. Packard and Packard. Our dentist and our team can help you plan your treatment using this cutting-edge technology. For more information about our caries detection devices, we welcome you to contact us at 509-933-4800 or visit our practice today.