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As an adult, you no doubt know the importance of brushing your teeth regularly, but children may not realize that brushing is more than just a chore. We can offer a few tricks to make tooth brushing fun and help your child develop this important habit.

Create a Story
Invent a fun story with your child that makes plaque the villain that needs to be defeated. A scenario in which your child needs to use their toothbrush to save the day turns brushing from a chore to a game.

Timed Brushing
You don’t want your child to race to brush their teeth, as this ensures a poor cleaning job. Use an egg timer or your child’s favorite two-minute song to help them brush for the appropriate amount of time.

Fun Toothbrush Design
If your child loves their toothbrush, they will feel better about using it. The market offers an endless supply of exciting toothbrush designs, so your child can choose their favorite color or movie character. Your child may also get more use out of an electric toothbrush.

A Reward for a Job Well Done
Offering a prize can encourage your child to brush every day. You can use stickers and a calendar to track their progress and offer a trip to the park or dollar theater when they reach their goal.


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