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Teeth grinding is a dangerous and harmful habit that can destroy your smile if you let it. It is a habit that is generally active overnight while you sleep.

Teeth-Grinding Causes
The main cause behind teeth grinding in adults is stress. If you are stressed or worried, you naturally take it out on your teeth, whether you clench or grind. Sleep disorders can also cause teeth-grinding habits and it needs to be treated right away. Children who have teeth-grinding habits generally have an irritation in the mouth, allergies, or misaligned teeth.

Teeth-Grinding Risks
If you do not treat this dangerous habit, your teeth could be severely damaged. You will also suffer from dull headaches, jaw soreness, loose teeth, and fractured chompers.

Teeth-Grinding Treatments
There are many treatments available for teeth-grinding habits. The main treatment is generally the use of a night guard. If you wear a night guard while you sleep, your teeth will be protected. Another treatment is relaxation medication. This medication helps you relax so you no longer clench and grind your teeth. If a sleep disorder is causing the habit, there are also treatments available for that specific issue.

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