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It’s time for you to pick a new toothpaste, but how do you know which one is the best for your smile? Well, we are here to help you! If you choose a toothpaste that has been approved by the American Dental Association and one that is considered to be one of the following pastes, you are on the right track:

Fluoride Toothpaste
Fluoride toothpaste is the best paste you can use to clean your smile. The fluoride will clean your smile as well as nourish and strengthen it. This will help prevent cavities and strengthen your tooth enamel. This type of toothpaste is extremely beneficial because it replaces the minerals you lose in your smile each day. Without the fluoride, our teeth will become weak and vulnerable to tooth decay.

Tartar Control Toothpaste
Plaque and tartar are substances that are extremely harmful to your smile. If they are not removed, they can begin to develop gum disease, which is a condition that can lead to bleeding and swollen gums as well as loose and lost teeth. Tartar control toothpaste is a great product that cleans the plaque and tartar off your smile. However, this paste will not replace the techniques provided at the dental office.

Toothpaste for Sensitive Teeth
Tooth sensitivity can be annoying, inconvenient, and uncomfortable, and if you are one who is suffering from this condition, we strongly recommend using sensitivity toothpaste. This paste will block the pathways that lead to the nerves of the teeth, which will help relieve some of the sensitivity. After you’ve used this toothpaste, you will finally be able to eat your favorite cold and hot foods again!

Whitening Toothpaste
Whitening toothpaste will help those who wish for a whiter, brighter smile. If you are one of these people, give it a try! Please remember to choose a paste that not only whitens, but one that also deeply cleans your smile. It is important that your teeth get cleaned each time you brush. These toothpastes contain abrasive chemicals that effectively polish your smile and pull the stains away from your teeth.

Now remember, no matter which paste you choose, make sure it has the ADA Seal of Approval. This seal proves that the product is safe and effective. This way you know that the product you choose is the right one. If you need help picking your perfect toothpaste, call our office today. We are happy to help you!