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Toothpaste is a handy oral hygiene tool that can help you clean your smile. However, because there are so many toothpaste brands, it’s hard to know everything about the product. So, to help you know more (which can help you take better care of your smile), Dr. Forrest Packard and our dental team would like to share some toothpaste facts with you.

First, toothpaste ingredients vary. In fact, toothpaste ingredients change from brand to brand and each one has its own benefit and function. However, it’s important to use a paste that has fluoride. If you would like to know which paste is best for you, feel free to ask Dr. Forrest Packard or Dr. Kevin Packard.

Second, the most effective time to use toothpaste is right after a dental cleaning. This is because the toothpaste has direct contact with the teeth. This can help the ingredients dive into your teeth and help your enamel. It’s also effective to use toothpaste when you brush every morning and every night.

Children should not use the same toothpaste as adults. This is because children’s teeth can’t quite handle the fluoride in the adult paste. The paste can actually cause a problem called fluorosis. In addition, children also tend to swallow the toothpaste, so it’s important to give them a paste that won’t make them sick if they swallow it.

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