Child Sedation

Drs. Packard and Packard understand that some children may feel nervous visiting the dentist. Creekside Dental Ellensburg does our best to help your child feel at ease. However, in some circumstances, we may recommend options for children’s sedation. Should your child require sedation, we offer IV sedation when treating third molars. In these circumstances, we recommend that parents seek out more information about options for their child’s treatment. We offer IV sedation, oral sedation or other processes for dental procedures and for treating dental anxiety. At our office, we are also able to answer patient questions and concerns as well as outline your child’s entire sedation treatment and procedure. Together, our office has the background and know-how to help keep your child safe and at ease during their appointment. Plan an appointment and our dentist and our knowledgeable team will be here to help answer any questions you may have about sedation dentistry in Ellensburg, Washington.